Childhood dreams always seem to trespass into whatever we do. 

And before I carry on, I should introduce myself. My name is Roberto DaShaun Ortiz, I’m 19 years old and I’m riding my bicycle around the world.

Now, It was never my childhood dream to bicycle. Growing up in Indiana, If anyone had asked me, “What do you want to be?”, I would have relayed something like a boxer of sorts, for fear of my 6 year old masculinity being tarnished.

What I secretly dreamed of at night-what I yearned for, was to be an adventurer. The kind of Adventurer that’s off discovering new species of cross-hybrid toad- frogs, with a secretion that could cure cancer or leading the first expeditions across Mars, scouting for possible Whole Foods locations. I remember growing up with a distinct fondness of Harry Potter, watching as he spent his nights at the Dursleys, huddled beneath a heap of blankets, reading about spell casting, in awe that his childhood dreams of being more than just the boy in the broom closet were coming true.

Where I come from these dreams are rarely supported. First off by the fact that I didn’t really have access to someone who was ever involved in exploration and secondly, I was too afraid to figure out how to start. I spent my childhood instead ditching classes to play guitar and write poetry, because It was something I was actually good at. 

When I officially decided to bicycle around the world, I never intended it be be an experience that would help me. I originally set out simply to inspire other kids to not be afraid, as I was growing up. And one of the truest things I’ve ever heard was “……….”. When I finally decided to acknowledge these insecurities, in order to help others, my life became an Adventure. 

Recently I became frustrated with the aspects of the trip and wanted to know how could I contribute more or use my influence to help a teen cultivate a curiosity that yields exploration. Eventually it hit me, science. What if I could redefine what an adventurer is to a mainstream audience. 

Amidst all the coming chaos of my revived life I forgot about the scared boy huddled underneath a heap of blankets watching National Geographic Videos. 

For Kevin’s blog, I originally wrote a whole ordeal of an article about something. But it didn’t feel authentic, not because it wasn’t true, but because there’s a part of me that’s been left silenced. A part of me that lacks the light of development Right now it doesn’t care for grammar, length or even meaning. It writes in rough and rowdy ways. It seems my childhood dreams trespassed into this post as well.