Labor Day weekend; a time we celebrate America’s hardworking culture by not working and drinking beer instead. That’s awesome. There is nothing better than spending the long weekend with some great friends, putting together your final barbeque for the summer, and pairing both those things with some great American beer. Here are some of the beers I’ll be enjoying with my clique this weekend:

Kent Falls Brewing Company: Lemon Coconut Gose:


For those of you who have never tried a Gose style beer before this is a great place to start! Gose is a German style of making beer and uses mostly malted wheat. A proper Gose will not have the strong hoppy bitterness that IPA lovers are familiar with, but packs plenty of flavor into a dry crispness with a nice tart twang. That is exactly what you are getting with this beer. The freshness of lemon is upfront and direct with a sour flavor that will make your mouth water. The Lemon Coconut Gose will pair well with your spicy offerings on Labor Day, as well as savory meats and cheeses. Want to get your hands on some? Check out the availability here.

SingleCut Beersmiths: Is This the Real Life? IPA

Is it the real life? Or is it just fantasy? I like to think it’s a little bit of both. Single Cut is a local place, located right in Astoria, and they are making some of the best beer in New York. Is This the Real Life is triple dry hopped with a secret mixture of North West American hops as well as a couple guest stars from New Zealand. This bad boy is an absolute hop bomb that can stand up with the best of them. Overwhelming hoppy citrus notes completely counteract any bitterness in the style. The palette of this beer is full, smooth, and surprisingly sessionable for a 7.2% ABV beer. Like most fruity IPA’s, pair this with your grilled meats and vegetables this weekend and enjoy! Find this beer here!

Prairie Artisan Ales: Bomb!


Now on to dessert, and boy do I have a treat for you folks. Prairie Artisan Ales has really cooked up something special. Bomb is an Imperial Stout brewed with all the usual suspects: coffee, chocolate vanilla beans. But the mad scientists over at Prairie decided to also add ancho chili peppers, and trust me it works. The heat is just enough to cut through all the sweet flavors offered by espresso and chocolate. This beer is creamy, luscious and strong. There is no hiding from the flavor of such a beautifully crafted stout. This beer is perfect for wrapping your night up by the campfire or to accompany your favorite desserts. You can find Prairie Artisan Ales at these fine retailers.

That’s all I have for you guys now. If you ever have questions about beer, where to get great beer, or would like to recommend a beer to me, feel free to stop by our Facebook page and drop us a line. Until then, enjoy your beer and especially the people who drink it with you.