Due to superstitions, I was reluctant to think it until I put my key into the motel door, but I can now say that today was easily our best day biking wise.  We did about 70-75 miles with 5 big climbs and held a great pace all day.  Part of the reason for the speed may have been the change in surroundings.  We are under 100 miles from the Virginia border, but it feels like far more.

The road that we started out on this morning resembled the narrowness and windiness of a Candy Land board.  Instead of Peppermint Forest, there was Skoal and Coke Curbside Garden.  Although it was technically a 2 way street, only one pickup truck could fit at a time.  We navigated our way through the obstacles and won our first dog chases of the morning; we were feeling it today. 

I wish I had some great anecdotes about things we saw and people we met, but the sights were bleak and the people were rare.  I had trouble discerning which houses were abandoned and which were inhabited.  The houses became more unconventional and makeshift the longer the day went.  There were signs for cage fights and backyard wrestling; I'm not sure what I was expecting in Kentucky, but I don't think this was it.  I have been enjoying the increase in signs, though.  The politically charged ones are good, but the religious ones are great.  I've noticed the further I get from the coast, the more fire and brimstone style messages pop up.  My personal favorite today was: "Pray now or pay later."  Simple and to the point.  

Well, here's to hoping tomorrow brings both great biking and better views.