The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, but that wasn't happening.  A half hour snooze turned into an hour and a half snooze and by 8, we were finally ready to get going.   

The camping and lodging options in Kentucky are fairly far apart, so our mileage each day depends completely on how close the shelters are.  We set out this morning planning on going to Lincoln Homestead State Park, but Kentucky's lack of road signs thwarted that.  We ended up doing an extra 10-15 miles because we missed some turns on unsigned roads, so we had to readjust our destination for the night and landed in a community park in Harrodsburg.  We have a pavilion for shelter in case of rain, a bathroom with showers, and outlets: life is good. 

The decision to chop off the biking portion of Colorado to California has lightened the mood.  Before yesterday, we had to maintain a 60-70 mile a day pace in order to get to San Francisco.  That pace was manageable from a biking standpoint, but it felt like we were only focused on the finish line.  What's the point of biking across America if we don't give ourselves an opportunity to really look around?  The change in plans has brought a change in attitude; Chris and I are both relaxed and enjoying the trip more already.  

I don't have an answer for why, but we haven't met as many people in Kentucky as we did in Virginia.  I enjoy listening to a story from a stranger over looking at farmland all day, so I'm hoping that will change.  I did meet a woman who asked where I was from, though.  When I said New York, she paused and went with, "That 9/11 was just awful."  I didn't know what else to say except that I agreed. 

I wouldn't say I'm experiencing culture shock, but I have realized I wouldn't cut it in the South.  Every town we go through has some sort of Civil War memorial and a few churches with apocalyptic billboards out front (today's best message: "Expose yourself to the son so that you don't burn").  We went to a Dairy Queen tonight that had the 10 Commandments posted next to the menu; I guess they were afraid that ice cream turned people into heathens.  Chris and I agreed that that would likely be a news story if it happened up North.  

Tomorrow's destination is Bardstown.  My first thought was that there must be a Shakespearean theatre in the town, but that's probably not a good bet.