In an effort to beat the heat, we rose before the sun did today.  After a few sausauge mcgriddles, we were able to roll.  The riding in Kentucky has improved the further west we go.  The views are cleaner, the cars are quieter, the people are friendlier, and the dogs are less concerned with chasing us.

We were able to get some good miles in before the weather advisory on my phone started sending alerts about the heat index.  By 12pm, the sun was starting to pick up.  We had been hungry for a while, but options were non existent.  Our maps indicated that the town of Buffalo had a grill restaurant, so we were confused when all we saw was a gas station upon riding into the one street town.  We opened the door of the gas station and saw that the grill was next to the tobacco products.  The cook asked us what we wanted in between hacks and coughs, but we declined and went with packaged snacks instead.

I was going up a long, steady hill around 1pm.  Looking towards the top, all I could see was a little white nautical looking house with what seemed like rocks and sand surrounding it.  My mind began playing tricks with me and I thought I was pedaling towards a beach.  I knew I was in the middle of Kentucky, but still couldn't shake the thought.  When we got to the top of the hill, a woman in a house across from the beach house mirage offered us to sit on her porch in the shade to cool down.  I guess we must have looked as crazy as my thoughts were getting.  Sitting down on Michelle's porch was the most relaxing half hour of the day.  We didn't discuss the trip, the maps, or anything.  We just sat there and did nothing.  Michelle told us that she had visited New York once on a field trip with her daughter's high school.  She said that she liked it enough, but would never need to go back.  Those are my exact sentiments about Kentucky, but I didn't share that aloud.

We continued on and took several breaks from the heat before getting to our destination for the night.  At one point, the windshield temperature was 104 degrees.  The day was mostly forgettable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing at all.  It's currently 9pm and the sun is still going strong.  We will be gaining an hour tomorrow as we cross time zones, so hopefully that'll give us easier sunsets to work with.