You would think that a full day of biking would allow you to think more and gather your thoughts for writing a post like this.  As I think back on the day, though, I've realized that the days are already blending together.  I am fairly positive everything I write after this happened today.  

The day began at 5:30 on the dot. We cut down on the time that it took to break down our campsite by 15 minutes, but I still don't know how it took us 45 today.  The misty morning we set out into lasted the whole ride, which made the heat much more bearable.  We experienced the hills of Virginia today, which brought the best views so far but also the toughest riding. We should be crossing the mountains in two days, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm still waiting for that biker's high that I've heard about, but I'll settle for the sense of accomplishment for now. 

Our campgrounds for tonight are behind a supermarket in a town that is so small that its DMV is literally situated inside of said supermarket. 

It's 7 right now, so I guess it's my bedtime. Tomorrow we will be passing through Charlottesville, which will be the biggest city we've passed through so far. We've ridden about 160 miles so far, but still have a few thousand to go.