Although I thought I had jinxed us yesterday, the ride today was great.  We had a very smooth 65 miles that brought us to Marshfield, MO.  It was difficult leaving the comfort of the motel early this morning, but the cool winds made it worth it.  There was nothing too exciting about the ride today, which is sometimes nice.  We have been riding through Amish communities lately, so we've been sharing the road with a few horse carriages.  It only took a bit over 1,200 miles, but we finally found vehicles that we are faster than.

We are currently sitting in Dairy Queen as I write this and it's the second time we've had ice cream today.  Back on Day 27, when our Farmington friends (Brian and Jeneen) stopped by, Chris asked Brian if he found it hard to return to normal eating habits after the trip.  He quickly said yes and that he probably gained close to 20 lbs when he finished the trip. I'm pretty tired of eating junk, so I think I'm just going to binge on fruits and vegetables when I get back to New York.  This is what I've eaten today: Breakfast 1) 1 BEC on a biscuit and 1 SEC on a biscuit from Hardee's, Snack 1) Cheese Danish and a Gatorade, Breakfast 2) 2 eggs over easy, bacon, wheat toast, hash browns, and an ice cream cone, Snack 2) Gatorade and Nuterbutters, Dinner) a lot of Taco Bell, Dessert) Banana Split Blizzard.  That's actually much less than we've been consuming.  When I told my friend about how I've been eating, he told me I'm not suitable to live on my own because, if I'm eating ice cream twice a day, I still need someone to keep me in check.  I guess we shall see.  I like to think that I'll be able to rejoin society without too many complications.  

Oddly enough, as I was writing the previous sentence, Chris asked me if I thought things will be different when we get back.  We spoke about it for a while, but the biggest takeaway is that we are more relaxed and easy going.  I thought back to a few nights ago when I was carrying the frozen custards and they were spilling down my shirt and shorts and into my sandals.  I just shrugged it off and kept walking.  Chris has been having a few issues with his bike lately.  Instead of getting frustrated, he said, "At least there's a bike shop in 200 miles."  Chris also said that he's considering downsizing and living more frugally.  I respect the sentiment, but I don't think that'll be an approach that I take.  We still have about 700 miles left, though, so I guess we'll see where I'm at when I get to the finish line.