Yesterday's successful ride warranted a late alarm clock today of 8:00am.  After doing one last sweep through the Cookie Lady's house, we got back on our bikes and pedaled up the mountain.

The misty morning made for a surreal beginning. We were high enough that there should have been a view from the road, but the mist blocked out anything more than 10 feet away in each direction. The sides surrounding the road looked as though an artist painted the trees and bushes but left the rest of the canvas completely blank.

After a few hours, we found ourselves descending into the town of Vesuvius.  There was one small food spot in town, but when we walked in they announced that they were closed.  Noticing our helmets in hand, they asked if we were biking across the country.  When we said yes, they offered us either a ham and cheese or barbecue.  I was curious what ordering generic "barbecue" would entail, so I went with that.  It turns out that it was incredible pulled pork and that that may not have been the best decision while still biking. 

We continued on into Lexington, VA and decided to treat ourselves to a motel room on this Fourth of July.  I'm not sure if this is actually the nicest motel 6 in existence or if I'm just blindly ecstatic about the shower, bed, pillow, TV, AC, sink... You get the point. 

Tomorrow we continue to roll on and get another day closer to leaving Virginia.  It's been real, VA, but I'm ready to get onto the next state.