And on the seventh day, we rested.  The weather was on and off since the cliche rooster woke us up this morning, so we hung around and did a lot of nothing.  Chris and I played chess about 3 times every hour and we ate everything we could.  I just turned around and saw him eating the remains of a party sized bag of Doritos with a spoon.  Today was a good day. 

The most interesting part of the day was getting to know the hikers on the Appalachian trail.  The hostel we are staying at is open to cyclists, but its primary guests are hikers.  A reason for that is that the founder/owner of this place was a hiker on the trail himself.  He's a tree sized guy with a gray beard and hair that would rival Zeus'.  

The hikers come and go, but they all seem to know each other from the trail.  They're all friendly enough and primarily keep to themselves.  It's obvious that they're all looking for something in the mountains, but I guess that's not too far off from my trip.  I know that after I get to San Francisco, I will be getting back to New York for good; the hikers seem like nomads for the most part.  

I'm sure living traveling the mountains changes you a tremendous amount, but I didn't expect that it would also change your name.  I don't know any of their birth names, but I've met Earthling, Hardcore, Scavenger, City Slicker, and my favorite- Sir Duke Smellington.  I was half expecting someone to introduce themselves as Pony Boy or Sodapop.  It comes with the trail I suppose. 

Tommorow we move on to the town of Draper, Virginia as we start our second week.