About a half hour ago, I was laying on a futon in our WarmShowers host's apartment starting to write this post. Chris walked up behind me and nonchalantly asked, "Blizzard number two?"  I laughed, but he didn't.  I shrugged, said "why not?" and followed him to Dairy Queen for the second time today.  "Why not?" is the whole mentality I've had for this trip.  I sometimes have flashbacks to when Chris first suggested this idea of biking across the country.  They're not like traumatic flashbacks or anything, but once in a while when I'm biking on a single lane highway in the middle of Kansas, I can't help but think back about how I got here.

A few months ago, Chris, our friend Kyle, and I were eating at an ihop.  Chris was grinning and told us about this idea that he had about us riding our bikes across the country.  I just sat there quietly as Kyle exclaimed what a good idea that was.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, I looked up at the ceiling and said, "Well, I'd have to quit my job."  Kyle shook his head and told me that I was thinking about it all wrong.  I replied that I was pretty positive I was thinking about it correctly and logically.  I hadn't ruled out the trip, but I had things to take care of before I could just pack up and leave.   I had already been trying to come up with plans to focus on my writing and photography, and I felt like a trip like this would benefit that.  Sure, I genuinely think the only times I've ever ridden a bike prior to that point were in beach towns and for less than a mile at a time, but I figured it couldn't be too bad.  I thought about the trip a lot before actually committing to it, but I knew I was doing it once Chris brought it up.  My entire reasoning was: "Why not?"  I bought a bike, quit my job, and am in Scott City, Kansas right now.  The kicker?  Kyle didn't end up coming after saying I was thinking about it all wrong.

We had a monotonous ride of about 55 miles today.  We're down to four days of riding left and I think we're both thankful for that.  I'm ready for the next adventure, as are my back and surgically repaired ankle.  Tomorrow will be our second time zone shift as we enter Mountain Time Zone.  I'm not sure what town we're heading to; I just have my eyes on Colorado.