We had a relatively short day planned and were gaining an hour by crossing onto Mountain Time,  so we had no problem sleeping in while it rained this morning.  After the weather relaxed and we had some disappointing food, we were ready to leave Scott City.  

Before we hit the road, a few trucks carrying wind turbine blades passed through.  Obviously industrial wind turbines are massive, but seeing one blade pass by put it in perspective for me.  It looked like the size of a small plane.  Our host last night is actually a wind turbine technician.  Chris had commented that he was surprised that we hadn't seen many since we're in Kansas, but our host said that we'd be passing more today.  We did, which I was thankful for- the wind turbines broke up the repetitive scenes of Kansas flatlands.  Riding through Kansas is kind of like when old budget movies would reuse the same background over and over and it's just an endless loop.  I'm not complaining because we've really enjoyed Kansas, but it does get boring.

Each state that we've crossed has definitely had its own character.  Passing by cyclists on this trail, you'll tend to discuss the character of each state and, as I've mentioned before, the warnings.  Virginia has the Appalachians, Kentucky has the dogs, Illinois- well, you're not really in Illinois long enough for it to have much notoriety, Missouri has the Ozarks, and Kansas has the wind.  Every east bound person we've met has cursed Kansas because of the head winds.  I might be jinxing us here, but we've had incredible tail winds pretty much all the way through Kansas.  Sometimes it'll be blowing in our faces, but overall, it's helped us out.  

We're set up in a park in Tribune, KS tonight.  This place is kind of an enigma.  The one strip of stores in town seemed fairly outdated and a bit rundown.  Similarly to Ness City, it felt like a stereotypical old western town.  There was a grocery store, though, which is only about the fourth one we've seen since the end of June.  Riding down the street, we noticed that there were hidden speakers everywhere playing XM radio's 60s on 6 station.   We couldn't figure out what kind of town Tribune is.  When we got to the park, a mother and daughter were playing tennis.  Several of the neighbors have been driving around here in golf carts, but I don't think there's a course near by.  This place confuses me, but I guess it doesn't matter.  This time zone shift also has me a bit mixed up, so I think it's time to call it a night.  We have about 60 miles tomorrow to our next town, which is in Colorado.