Once in a while, I'll think something along the lines of "Wait- I'm on a bike in freaking Kansas."  We're constantly focused on getting to our next point, so the distractions will sometimes prevent me from really recognizing what we've done so far.  Besides those temporary "What the hell am I doing?" moments, each day tends to feel pretty routine.  The last time I was overwhelmed by what we've accomplished was when we crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri.  About 15 miles in today, I had another very proud moment of realization about what we've done: we crossed into Colorado.

The ride was as straightforward as it's been for the past week or two.  We had 60 miles on the same highway that we've been on for a few days.  There were a few slight rolling hills, which made it at least a little more interesting.  I've found that the mind gets tired long before the body.  There's not too much else to report from today.  The weather was getting pretty hot and the park didn't seem to have showers, so we decided to make use of the cyclist rate at the motel in town.  It's probably the biggest building we've stayed in, but also the most empty: we are literally the only guests staying here. Although the outside was fairly disheveled, the room is clean, cold, and comfortable.  We have another 60 miles tomorrow to our next town.  We will be in Pueblo on Friday and Colorado Springs, our finish line, Saturday.  We have three days of riding left.  Two nights ago, we were talking with our host and his coworkers about prisoners that become institutionalized and don't know how to live outside of the gates.  We've been on the ride for 6 weeks and I kind of forget what it's like to not have to ride a bike everyday.  I think I'll be able to re-assimilate right back into society just fine, though.  I'll have a few days in Denver and another few in Houston before arriving back to NYC, so I'll use those as practice days.

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