I'm sure my mother will love hearing this, but when I was younger and had dreams of being a writer, one place I often envisioned working from was a bar.  It wasn't because I thought alcohol would help me churn out best sellers; it was because I prefer the setting.  Coffee houses are too quiet and clean; the people are boring and fake.  In a good dive bar, there's a little noise and plenty of grit.  The people are real and interesting.  

I'm sitting in a saloon that's been around for over 100 years in a town that I don't know the name of.  I think it's something along the lines of Ordly or Ordwy- I've gotten pretty bad at remembering the names of the little towns we've been passing through lately.  If I took a photo of the bartender in black and white, you'd have believed he were here when the bar opened.  He has a worn in leather cowboy hat to match his weathered black button down.  His beard is as long as his stories.  He talks slowly and knowingly with a smokers voice that he's probably had since he was 13.  The Pats-Packers preseason game is on and all of the patrons are complaining that Brady isn't suspended for a full season.  I've been talking across the bar with one man who says he used to do some work in New York.  He was in Farmington on Long Island and was talking about how he saw the most beautiful women.  When he was describing them, "permanent tan" was the first thing he said, so I got a nice laugh out of that.  

Up until yesterday morning I thought I was in the Midwest, but I definitely feel like we're just in the West now.  The towns have wide streets, dusty air, and wooden store fronts.  The towns in Colorado have been fairly far apart thus far, but at least they're usually made up of more than just a church, gas station, and an auto body shop.  

We will be in Pueblo tomorrow, which is a little bittersweet.  Pueblo is where we were planning to defect from our trail and head to San Francisco.  Although I will admit I'm a little disappointed that we aren't making it to the west coast, I'm content.  We've enjoyed this trip more since we decided to cut off the CO-CA portion.  The west coast isn't going anywhere, so I'll be able to finish this trip at any point.  I've heard that you can begin to see the Rockies once you leave whatever town we're in, so I'm looking forward to that.