We got to Denver today and arrived via 4 wheels- not 2.  It definitely hasn't sunk in that I'm no longer on a bicycle trip.  I'm sure that it will, but for now, I'm very content.  I've definitely become more easy going and less stressed because of this trip.

It's kind of confusing thinking back on the summer.  47 days doesn't sound very long to me, but I have trouble recalling the details of what happened on Day 1.  I remember that it was my first time riding on the bike with all of my gear on it.  As I hopped on and started to set out, the back wheel sort of wiggled and I stumbled.  I immediately imagined that Mrs. Lyver probably saw that and thought, "Oh man- Kevin has no idea what he's doing."  I'm not sure if she actually did, but I definitely had no idea what I was doing.  

The first day was only a month and a half ago, but so much has happened since then that it's hard to believe.  Each day felt so long that they could have each been turned into a movie.  The movies would probably be pretty boring overall, but they could exist.  The Virginia-Kentucky series would be pretty depressing ones.  The riding was more challenging than I had expected.  I only did about 3-4 rides (with a max of 30 miles at one time with few hills) prior to heading down to Virginia, so I thought I'd be using the Appalachians as a training week.  When we passed some Eastbound cyclists that were finishing up their tours, they reassuringly told us that Virginia was the hardest state on the trail.  With that knowledge, it helped us continue on with the rationale that it could only get easier the further West we went.  If we were starting with the hardest part, it was all downhill from there, right?  

I've been writing this sporadically throughout the day, but luckily I haven't been near my phone too much.  I'll continue my final thoughts about my trip tomorrow.  One thing I mostly avoided this summer was coffee, so I'm looking forward to continuing this post with a cup.