There's not too much to report today, which means that it was a successful rest day.  Food options within walking distance were limited, so we went to Chili's for lunch despite going there for dinner last night.  After I ordered a beer, the waitress asked, "What is this?" while holding my NY driver's license.  She looked genuinely puzzled as she fumbled with the card between her fingers.  She shrugged, passed it back to me, and said that it was good enough for her.  She remembered us from last night, so we spoke a little about our trip.  A few minutes later, the regional manager came over.  His presence had visibly flustered some of the staff, but he was very friendly.  He told us that he overheard about our trip and asked a few questions.  He smiled and walked away, but returned with a $50 gift card for us to use the next time we passed by a Chili's.  We weren't sure if we'd see another one, so we decided to go back for dinner as well.  We ordered a gluttonous and almost nauseating amount of food and were handed a check for $0.25.  I had never been to a Chili's prior to entering Kansas, but I'm a fan now.

The day was lazy, unmotivated, and awesome.  I went to the first Starbucks I've seen since leaving NYC and felt like a real person.  The customers were wearing collared shirts, there were struggling writers staring at their computers, and people were talking business.  I felt like I was briefly back at home.  While drinking my triple espresso, I had a moment of reflection.  I used to stop in for Starbucks half way through my two hour commute to work (after the bus and before the train) and was always stressing to catch my train.  Today, I was at peace.  I was sitting on a Monday morning with no train to catch and not a worry on my mind.  Today was a good day.

After getting Chris' bike fixed up tomorrow morning, we'll have about 60 miles to bring us one day closer to Colorado.