The bike shop didn't open until 10, so we were able to sleep in and grab breakfast before waiting for the owner to let us in.  It took about an hour and a half, but he was able to fix Chris' bike up.  The shop owner is actually a former pro cycling racer that used to compete in NYC.  He said he's lived in Pittsburgh, KS, Pittsburgh, PA, and NYC.  He has to be one of the only people to have lived in two different Pittsburghs, right?  We left the shop with clouds hovering over us that followed us the whole day.

About 5 miles outside of Pittsburgh, a man in a minivan pulled into the oncoming lane and slowed down to my pace.  He rolled down his window and began having a conversation with me while I continued to pedal.  He was nice enough and was asking about the route.  I had heard that people will sometimes try to convert cyclists in certain parts of the country, so I kept my answers brief.  He didn't ask me if I've accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but he did begin asking where I was staying tonight.  I still am not at the point where I trust everyone, so I smoothly said, "Uh oh um like 50/60 miles away in Kansas" and slowed down so that he would have to speed up.  I'm sure that he wasn't asking in a predatory way, but my sister works for the show 48 Hours and I know how these things work.

The riding today was great.  At one point, I was looking down at my handlebar bag, which has a can of (never been used) dog mace dangling from it.  I began thinking about the dogs of Eastern Kentucky and how happy I was that I haven't been chased in a while.  Less than a mile later, I passed by a house that had a chiuhaha in the front yard.  It began chirping at me since, you know, it's a chiuhaha.  I thought nothing of it until 5 of its chiuhaha cronies came out of no where and began chasing after me.  I will give those little dogs credit- that was the longest any pack of dogs kept after me all trip.  Other than that, the ride was fairly uneventful.  Sure, the wind in Kansas can be annoying.  The flats have definitely made up for it, though.  We cruised today for 60 miles to Chanute.  There was a threat of rain all day, but we were able to make it here dry.  The chance of rain is supposed to increase throughout the night, so we are staying in some sort of metal lean-to shed in a city park.  It's got a roof and outlets, so that's all we need.  Tomorrow we will be going on to Eureka, Kansas.