As we were getting ready to leave the comforts of our budget motel this morning, Chris asked me if I wanted to be a "Breakfast Defector."  If you haven't seen the commercials (I doubt that's possible), he meant go to Taco Bell.  The meal wasn't bad, but I'm really tired of fast food.  I plan on having pizza for my first meal when I get back to make up for Southern and Midwestern pizza, but I'm going on a fruit and vegetable binge after that.

The 60+ miles to Ness City felt very long today.  I'm not sure if it was our breakfast or what, but we both couldn't wait for the riding to be done.  About 13 miles in, we made our last turn on the trail for the rest of the trip.  We will be following this one road to Pueblo, CO for the next 275 miles.  Our friends on the tandem texted us saying to prepare for a boring ride, but I'm ok with that.  We're in the home stretch and boring is welcomed.

Near the city limits of Ness City, there was a sign for a bank in the town, which was listed as an attraction and nicknamed "Skyscraper of the Plains."  I wasn't disappointed when I saw the skyscraper; it was about 4 stories and smaller than my fairly short apartment building back home.  Walking the streets of Ness City, I began to understand why they'd advertise the bank; "Modern day ghost town" may not draw as much attention.  The town reminded me a bit of the stereotypical western town portrayed in movies.  The only thing I'd say missing was a saloon with those swinging doors, but it's possible I just didn't look hard enough.  The only open food option for dinner was a pizzeria, so we settled for one (hopefully) last experience with Midwestern pizza.  The pizza wasn't too bad, but it was a little gross that every single table had garbage and dishes left behind from previous customers.  After dinner, we just waked back to our motel and called it a night.  There was a sign outside the motel listing the amenities and "clean rooms" was on it.  I wouldn't have questioned the rooms, but seeing that made me a little uneasy.  A motel using cleanliness as a selling point isn't a good look.

We move on for 50something miles to Scott City tomorrow.  We're down to a hand's worth of days left of biking; we're officially in the home stretch.